Why?? (prog question)

michael michael.copeland at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 10:11:41 PDT 2009

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>> Tabbing is the worst form of indentation.  It is *much* better to use
>>> spaces consistently.
> stupid discussion and off topic. everybody write code as he/she like, 
> or as a team decided if it's not single person work.
> only end result matters.
you know real programmers code everything on one line.
f{@s[$x,$y]=@s[($y+=$s[$x])%=@s,$x];$s[$x++]+$s[$y]- at s}@k=pop=~/../g;f$y+=hex$k[$x%@k]for at s=0..255;$x=1;$y=0;$/=\1;print$_^chr$s[f$x%=@s]for<>

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