Recovering a GEOM RAID0 array

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Mar 31 07:59:14 PDT 2009

Juan Miscaro wrote:

>> It looks like you created a both a fdisk partition table and a bsdlabel
>> partition table on the ad3 drive. If so, your data is probably already
>> corrupted.
> What is a generic configuration?  Or can you explain how you come to
> that conclusion?

RAID 0 means striping data across N drives (2 in your case), with a
fixed stripe size. From the information in kern.geom.confxml (which is
why gstripe list should work), your stripe size is 4 kB, which is good
for this purpose. This kind of setup is usually done with raw drives,
i.e. with GEOM_STRIPE: "gstripe label st0 ad1 ad3". After this, your
array is called stripe/st0 - this is where you create the file system,
etc. "Striping" means that each drive contains only a part of the data.
E.g. if you write 8 kB to the start of your array, the first 4 kB will
be written to ad1, the next 4 kB to ad3. Both smaller and larger
requests are handled logically. This means that the first sector on ad1
contains the partition table of your array, if you partitioned it (and
it looks like you did). The first sector of ad3 contains whatever data
is at position 4096 in your array - probably nothing important because
your partitions start at 32 kB - 512.

If you wrote only the partition table to ad3 then it's not a big deal -
it's useless but it may not corrupt anything important. If you proceeded
to to something else on ad3, then there could be problems.

>> ad1 is also strangely partitioned but since it's your first drive in a
>> stripe this can be acceptable (it will contain the first sectors of the
>> array, including its partition tables).
>>> # gstripe dump ad3
>>> Can't read metadata from ad3: Invalid argument.
>>> Not fully done.
>> This can happen if the metadata on ad3 is corrupted. You'll need to dump
>> the last sector and inspect it to verify.
> I've never done that before.  Can you be explicit?

Using information from your previous posts, you should do this:

# dd if=/dev/ad3 of=ad3last count=1 skip=625142447
# hd ad3last

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