Recovering a GEOM RAID0 array

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Mar 31 06:41:49 PDT 2009

Juan Miscaro wrote:

>> What does "gstripe list" say? What does "sysctl -b kern.geom.confxml" say?
> 'gstripe list' does not return any output at all.
> Output to the sysctl command is attached.

"gstripe list" cannot output nothing, since the sysctl output you posted
says a partial GEOM_STRIPE instance is present on the system.

This is bad:

    <geom id="0xc3065300">
      <class ref="0xc0978f60"/>
        <consumer id="0xc30698c0">
          <geom ref="0xc3065300"/>
          <provider ref="0xc2e6fd80"/>
    <geom id="0xc3032a00">
      <class ref="0xc0978f60"/>
        <consumer id="0xc2fde5c0">
          <geom ref="0xc3032a00"/>
          <provider ref="0xc2e6fc80"/>
    <geom id="0xc3032d00">
      <class ref="0xc0978f60"/>
        <consumer id="0xc2fdea00">
          <geom ref="0xc3032d00"/>
          <provider ref="0xc2e6fa00"/>

It looks like you created a both a fdisk partition table and a bsdlabel
partition table on the ad3 drive. If so, your data is probably already

ad1 is also strangely partitioned but since it's your first drive in a
stripe this can be acceptable (it will contain the first sectors of the
array, including its partition tables).

> # gstripe dump ad3
> Can't read metadata from ad3: Invalid argument.
> Not fully done.

This can happen if the metadata on ad3 is corrupted. You'll need to dump
the last sector and inspect it to verify.

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