Recovering a GEOM RAID0 array

Juan Miscaro jmiscaro at
Tue Mar 31 06:12:44 PDT 2009

2009/3/31 Ivan Voras <ivoras at>:
> Ivan Voras wrote:
>> If "gstripe list" doesn't mention ad3, you need to establish what
>> happened to metadata on ad3. Try extracting the last sector from ad3 by
>> hand (using dd) into a file and inspect it (send output of "hd filename").
> I just noticed there could be an easier way to do it: use "gstripe dump
> ad3" - it will write out its metadata. Use the manual (dd) approach if
> this doesn't work.

# gstripe dump ad3
Can't read metadata from ad3: Invalid argument.
Not fully done.

# gstripe dump ad1
Metadata on ad1:
         Magic string: GEOM::STRIPE
     Metadata version: 3
          Device name: st0
            Device ID: 3091204740
          Disk number: 0
Total number of disks: 2
          Stripe size: 4096
   Hardcoded provider:

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