Crontab for different ime zones

Olivier Nicole on at
Tue Mar 31 00:56:18 PDT 2009

> > Is there a way to start jobs with cron using different a time-zone
> > different from local time zone?
> >
> > I am in a TZ that has no Daylight Savings Time, and would like to
> > start a job (reccording of a web cast) in a TZ that has DST (so with a
> > time difference that changes along the year).
> >
> > Is there an automatic/intelligent way to do that?
> Not that I know of, yet since timezones only change twice a year you
> can look up the changes for the coming year and adjust the crontab
> accordingly.
Hey, I am too lazyto change my crontab twice a year, and we have
computers, they should do the work for us.

The way I did it:

- start the cron job at the earliest of both time (winter time, or
  summer time).

- at the begining of the job, have a small Perl script that will wait
  until it is the specified time in the specified time zone: at best
  it will not wait, at worst the perl script will sit idled for one
  hour before giving the hand back to the real job.

Et voila (well, it will be et voila once the job will have completed
succesfully once :)



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