Trouble building NanoBSD image for Soekris 5501 (sio.c error)

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Mon Mar 30 22:06:58 PDT 2009

On Monday 30 March 2009 23:44:24 Dave Pascoe wrote:
> Hi-
> I am trying to build a NanoBSD image for a Soekris net5501 from
> FreeBSD-7.1 stable.
> Build world finishes but the kernel build fails trying to compile sio.c
> (see error below)

I don't see a note in UPDATING about tty in -STABLE, but -HEAD contains an 
entry about the new tty stack. It is possible these changes have now been 
backported as the errors point there.
You may want to check the -stable mailing list.

        The TTY subsystem of the kernel has been replaced by a new
        implementation, which provides better scalability and an
        improved driver model. Most common drivers have been migrated to
        the new TTY subsystem, while others have not. The following
        drivers have not yet been ported to the new TTY layer:

                cy, digi, rc, rp, sio

                ubser, ucycom

        Line disciplines:
                ng_h4, ng_tty, ppp, sl, snp

        Adding these drivers to your kernel configuration file shall
        cause compilation to fail.


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