Security Consulting.

Grant Peel gpeel at
Mon Mar 30 13:15:17 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I originally posted this to the PHP mailing list with, so far, less than 
helpful results. I am not a fan of cross-posting, but I suspect there may be 
a few ISP support / server admins who may be interested in this offer.

Good Morning / Afternoon,

We run several of our own servers:

- Dell Power Edge 1U, Pentium,
- FreeBSD (6.x soon to be 7.x)
- along with all the standard Web Application installation (PHP Apache Exim,
Pop3, Proftp, MySQL etc etc).

What I am asking here, is if any one in this community has the knowledge to
act as a security consultant in an occasional, as required basis. Anyone
interested should have expience with Apache, PHP, Perl on the FreeBSD

We are more than willing to compensate for services rendered, and are more
than willing to discuss terms.

In the end, we would be more than willing to share any non-fudiciary
information with anyone who could find it useful (via this or other mailing

We are asking any interested parties to contact us off-list such that we
don't need to make any private matters public.

This is a bonified request, as we can setup servers ourselves, but simply do
not have the time to research various run time, and security related items.



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