6.x -> 7.1

Jacques Manukyan mlfreebsd at streamingedge.com
Mon Mar 30 05:59:35 PDT 2009

There shouldn't be any problems with the upgrade. I recommend you read 
over the following section in the handbook:


Also, since this is your first time doing this, I'd recommend you get an 
extra machine and install your current environment on it. Then try 
upgrading it as per the handbook. Once you're satisfied you've done it 
right, then repeat the process on your production boxes.

-- Jacques Manukyan

Grant Peel wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have (finally) made the decision to move our server (10 -Dell) from 
> Toronto to a newer data center closer to our office in London.
> Before I ask this question, I would like to ensure everyone I will be 
> reading all the docs I can find, but since the upgrade will be much 
> work, I thought I would ask the question here anyways :-)
> Question: given the items below, should I expext the make and build of 
> FreeBSD and the software below, to go pretty much as it did in 6.x? 
> (Does anyone know of any showstoppers)?
> All software below has/will be built from ports.
> Synopsis:
> 10 Dell 1U Rack servers (Intel Based, SCSI) more or less standard 
> entry level servers)
> All running
> -FreeBSD 6.x,
> -Apache 2.2.x
> -Mysql Server 4.x
> -PHP 4.x
> -Perl 5.x
> -Exim 4.6x
> -Spamassassin etc etc
> TIA,
> -Grant
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