init panic in freebsd 7.1

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Mon Mar 30 05:46:23 PDT 2009

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:20:46 -0400, Tsu-Fan Cheng <tfcheng at> wrote:
> But while I was testing an
> exact same mborad I got from ebay, I noticed that the replacing board
> name my SATA differently from the old board, its designated as ad10
> and ad12 instead of ad4 and ad6. What is the mechanism that underlie
> this?? thank you!!

The numbering sceme depends on the controller and the amount of
possible disks it allows to be attached, to be describable as
"free controller slots", no matter if a disk is attached or not.
Maybe your first mboard had ad0 - ad4 ATA, ad6 - ad8 SATA, and
the new board has (a) more ATA connectors or (b) uses a different
numbering for the internal and external SATA ports. If the hardware
seems to look exactly the same, there can even be a difference in
the BIOS configuration that causes different numbering.

Note that this change of the device name usually requires changes
in /etc/fstab, e. g. ad4 -> ad10 to make the system start on this

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