Newsyslog mode on /var/log/security?

Garance A Drosehn gad at
Sun Mar 29 16:00:59 PDT 2009

At 10:48 PM +0200 3/29/09, Roger Olofsson wrote:
>Dear mailing list,
>I seem to have forgotten something about /var/log/security and 
>newsyslog.conf. I get wrong mode after the trim.
>Excerpt from /etc/newsyslog.conf:
>/var/log/security                       644  7     5000 *     JC

Are you sure that's the only line you have for /var/log/security in
your /etc/newsyslog.conf file?  The distributed config file has:

/var/log/security			600  10	   100	*     JC

Obviously you have a different entry from that, but did you remove
the original entry?

>Output from newsyslog -vn:
>chmod 600 /var/log/security.0.bz2
>Why is the mode not 644?
>/etc/rc.d/syslogd restart and newsyslog restart have been performed.

I tried changing the permissions-field in my newsyslog.conf from 600
to 644, and newsyslog worked correctly for me.

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