Binary upgrade 7.1 i386 -> amd64 ?

Frederique Rijsdijk frederique at
Sun Mar 29 12:17:40 PDT 2009

On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 09:05:12 +0100, Frederique Rijsdijk
<frederique at> wrote:
> I'm planning to binary upgrade a machine that's now running i386
> 7.1-RELEASE-p3 to AMD64. 

Just to follow up on my quest here..

The upgrade went fine. Most ports were broken as expected. I gave up trying
to recompile everything after a while, tripping over errors all over the
place. Weird ones. The mountain of errors in front of me just never got any

Ended up deleting all ports (pkg_delete -f \* is not something you do alot)
and /usr/local/lib. This left me with configuration files of all the apps I
had installed, as well as /var/db/ports/*. I simply recompiled the complete
of apps that was installed, and after a day or so of compiling all is
working again. No further work required. Amazing stuff! 

I find it amazing that even when things go really wrong in BSD (of course I
did that :), it's quite easy to recover from such a aituation. Just all the
port compiler options (/var/db/ports/*) and all the conf files of the apps
is enough to recover - even from source. At the end of the day, it put a
big smile on my face.

Just had to say it!

-- Frederique

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