[OT] - Best Practices(TM) for Configuration File Changes

Roger Olofsson 240olofsson at telia.com
Sun Mar 29 06:29:53 PDT 2009

Glen Barber skrev:
> Hello, list.
> Before I pose my question, I am not intending to start a flame-war of
> any sort -- I'm just searching for "different" ways of doing things.
> With so many different version control systems available (aside from
> the traditional "keep current backups" solution), I am curious:
> Q:  What is *your* favorite/suggestion solution to keep (working)
> versions of configuration files, in case something goes awry?
> I am specifically targeting configuration files because they are what
> I change the most, in avoidance of "It worked 10 minutes ago..."
> situations.
> Cheers,

Hi Glen,

For local configuration files there's a tool called rcs that can be used 
for tracking changes and rollback.

It's a part of the FreeBSD base system. Check the man pages for rcs(1) 
ci(1) co(1) rcsdiff(1) and rcsintro(1) - rcsintro(1) is probably where 
you want to start.

It's also available on other *nix systems like AIX, Red Hat, Solaris etc.


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