[OT] - Best Practices(TM) for Configuration File Changes

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 05:24:10 PDT 2009

Hi, Roger

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 8:20 AM, Roger Olofsson <240olofsson at telia.com> wrote:
> For local configuration files there's a tool called rcs that can be used for
> tracking changes and rollback.
> It's a part of the FreeBSD base system. Check the man pages for rcs(1) ci(1)
> co(1) rcsdiff(1) and rcsintro(1) - rcsintro(1) is probably where you want to
> start.
> It's also available on other *nix systems like AIX, Red Hat, Solaris etc.

I received a reply (off-list) mentioning the same tool.  My response was:

I was fairly certain that I would get rcs in a reply.  I haven't used
it too extensively, but it seems similar to cvs / svn -- which I
personally like.  I was more curious if people actually do use rcs for
this purpose.

It appears rcs is the "right tool for the job."

Thanks for the reply!

Glen Barber

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