analyzing httpd-error.log

Charles Howse chowse at
Sat Mar 28 21:20:08 PDT 2009

I'm running 6.4-STABLE, Apache22, logwatch and Webalizer.

Webalizer is doing what it's supposed to with httpd-access.log, but  
when I give it the error log to process is coughs, spits and spills  
out errors with no data processed.  My research hasn't turned up a  
good solution for webalizer and -error.log.

In httpd.conf, I'm using both common and combined log formats.   
Webalizer will read them both.

With logwatch, and even with the log detail turned up to 7, I'm not  
getting the detail I want from the error.log.  I want to see  
*everything* in that log.

Anybody got a solution?


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