Problem with Gmail/Evolution and IPFW

Roy Stuivenberg roys1012 at
Fri Mar 27 14:03:14 PDT 2009


I'm having a problem with Gmail and IPFW. 
Gmail is configured in Evolution.
<running prerelease 7.2 / stable + Gnome2>

When I can't send mail (with attachment), I 
have to disable IPFW, and at that point I'm able to send mail.
After that I enable IPFW ,and try to send the same mail again,
i'm still able to send the mail.
Only after restart it's again not working.
Gmail is configured as I think it should :
imap - server SSL
smtp - server TLS
Also Evolution is very slow, seems to hang when I'm typing a message,
like not responding for 5 seconds.
Should I use another email client?
Everything else is running very smoothly.
My CPU is a new core to quad 8200, and I recently installed a new
motherboard, it should run faster then my mother ;)
Any ideas ?

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