web based file sharing

Terry terry at bluelight.org.uk
Fri Mar 27 12:09:15 PDT 2009

Well, you could run an FTP server, OR publish the files using Apache with
some authentication, depending on where the files are stored.
eGroupware is another application that can allow them to access the files,
or even upload other files, IIRC, but that's a bigger monster.

Can you please explain your setup situation better than you have done
already? Are the files stored in ~user?

-- Best regards, Odhiambo WASHINGTON, 
Hi Odhiambo 
Yes I could have the files in ~user so I could use apache and userdir with htaccess. But I
just wondering if any one had come across any nice web front ends for
file management. The down loading bit of course is easy but a nice
little upload feature would be handy. Would rather not use ftp as I
think the ftp clients would cause confusion. As you say eGroupware would
do it as would most groupware's but I dont want the extras that come
with them. There are some nice php indexing scripts out there I am sure
some will have an upload feature so I will have a look 
Having just read some of the other replies I think I will look into webdav as it sounds just what I am looking for

Thanks Terry

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