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> Can I ask one more possibly really dumb question, to which I can find no
> answer: Is there a 'conventional', or sensible for one reason or
> another, place to download application source to? Presumably you don't
> want it mixed up in the ports distfiles, or in the system's source
> directory. I know this sounds very silly, and the answer might be
> 'wherever you like', but I do like to learn the conventions which
> usually have good reasons behind them.

I don't know that there's a convention for it, but it makes good sense to 
separate any source installs from the base system and ports system.  I use a 
folder named Downloads, put the tar files in there and then untar them.  That 
creates a separate directory for each untarred source code and leaves the 
tarballs in the base directory.

The more critical question is where should you install the software.  By 
default wine installs everything in /usr/local/bin/, /usr/local/lib/wine, 
/usr/local/include/wine and /usr/local/share/wine, which agrees with the 
default locations for files of those types on FreeBSD.  Some people prefer to 
install compiled-from-source software in other locations.  It's really up to 

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