Wine without X

Barnaby Scott bds at
Thu Mar 26 08:00:42 PDT 2009

I'm sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place, but I have tried elsewhere 
and go no response.

I want to install wine, but without X on the system. Obviously trying to 
do this from ports drags in loads of X-related stuff. There doesn't seem 
to be a WITHOUT_X11 knob available for the wine port (presuambly because 
hardly anyone would want it).

I guess that leaves me installing it the 'old-fashioned' way, but 
unfortunately my inexperience leaves me floundering here! Because 
FreeBSD has such a wonderful ports system, all documentation I can find 
for installing from source refers to ports, and I have not found a 
single one showing a layman how to install from source manually, and 
what problems I have to look out for.

As you can probably tell, I lack a lot experience, so keep it fairly 
monosyllabic please!

(In case you wonder what on earth I want this for, it is to run a 
'render slave' which is Windows only, and simply runs in the background 
- it would not even count as a 'console application'. I have three very 
underused FreeBSD servers and they could do with some rendering work to 
keep them from getting bored, but I don't want X cluttering them up.)

Any help gratefully received


Barnaby Scott

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