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Adam Vandemore amvandemore at
Wed Mar 25 21:14:18 PDT 2009

Jesse Feinman wrote:
> I am planning on using FreeBSD on a new computer i am building but i would
> like to know if there is a way that i can install multiple desktop
> environments and easily switch between them, preferably without restarting.
> The primary purpose for this is to gain complete functionality over the
> system utilizing all possible tools and also to evaluate the different
> environments to determine which one works best for me.
> Lastly, i am wondering how Compiz-fusion would interact in this case because
> to my knowledge Compiz is essentially an add on to the KDE and Gnome
> environments and i am wondering as to how it would function if i were to
> switch desktops constantly.
> Thank you for your time,
> Jesse Feinman
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First part is pretty easy to do using kdm in fact it's essentially as 
simple as making sure your X and WM's work, then enabling kdm.  Not too 
sure the answer on the rest.  I would guess it wouldn't be a problem 
though provided no config diffs between the two.

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