Creating a 10km wireless bridge...pointers?

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Wed Mar 25 12:23:14 PDT 2009

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 6:43 AM, Modulok <modulok at> wrote:
> List,
> I have been tasked with getting a DSL connection across about 10km of
> no-man's-land to a rural location without internet access. Ideally,
> all traffic inbetween the two directional antennas would be encrypted.
> (Nice, but not entirely required.) 3Mb/s would be great! Something
> like:
> LAN<->BSDrouter<->modem<->Antenna<~~air~~>Antenna<->modem<->DSL
> I'm looking for general pointers of both hardware and software to
> achieve this. I'd like to employ FreeBSD as much as is feasible. This
> is my first WAN network project, so even newbie pointers and general
> references would be much appreciated. (Hardware suggestions, books to
> read, etc.) Reliability is of mild concern, simply because I don't
> want to drive 10km at 3:00am when something breaks.
> Tips? References? Advice?

May be you should use two embedded hardware (to acomplish yours
BSDRouter) like this:

or like this:

The second one is more expensive than the firts one.

Attaching one poweful mini-pci Atheros wireless card on each hardware
embedded you might could get large distance.

you ought to use one mini-pci wireless card like this:

it's a very expensive wireless card but it's  very powerful card too,
it work with 1watt of power when work in IEEE802.11g/b modes also you
need to use two good directional antennas may be like this:

I had used the embedded hardware
with NanoBSD and I got good results but i never need getting large
distances like you.

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