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Mon Mar 23 16:41:58 PDT 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 16:29:36 -0700, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
> 	I thought you were kidding about the ogg123, but no! Is there a 
> 	wav123, an au123, &c? :_)  wait, I just checked and there *is* a
> 	flac123.  ....  i'll be [bleeped].  


> 	ANyway, re xmms2, it's built (I had it but since there was no
> 	front end and since i really didn't want to spejnt days messing
> 	with it, I never used it.  I've got gxmms2 working on my linux
> 	desktopk, but it only works locally.  How do I use [gx]mms2 
> 	to go over the wire to the audio-server I'm building, show me the
> 	playlist here and play thru my better speakers?
> 	I had imagined something like:
> 	%  xmms2 -r zen:/home/kline/Music/ 
> 	where the -r would indicate "remote" ... 

Re xmms2 Miniprod malquoted operations. :-)

Because I haven't installed xmms2 on my system, I'm not 100 percent
sure, but according to
it seems that you have to run xmms2 on the box that holds your files
(server) and control the program's operations via the computer with
the better speakers (client) by means of an xmms2 client application.

A daemonic concept. =^_^=

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