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Mon Mar 23 15:02:13 PDT 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 14:54:06 -0700, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
> Be great to have some
> 	utimate setup (*sigh...*). 

You'll never have. At the moment you've setup something, just
after bringing it home from the shop, it will be considered
outdated, and there's already something new on the way that's
completely incompatible with everything you have. :-)

> For now, what Wojciech suggested
> 	works, but since most of my ~/Music files are ogg format, mpg123
> 	may not be sufficient.

How about ogg123 then? Same use.

	% cat oggfiles | rsh -l username "ogg123 -"

> 	``locate xmms2'' found audio/gxmms2; under construction!

Check /usr/ports/audio/xmms2, found out by

	% cd /usr/ports
	% make search name=xmms2

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