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Vasadi I. Claudiu Florin claudiu.vasadi at
Sun Mar 22 22:08:44 PDT 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 01:31:00 +0200, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:

> The only suite I tried was NAS but that was years ago.  I've found "MuSe"
> and "NMM" on both FreeBSD and Linux, but still need some clues.

I use samba (a bit tricky but it can be done). Wanted to use NFS but  
unfortunatelly I couldn't get any NFS clients working on xp 64. On other  
unix/linux system it works incredibly great (astonishing great even).

If it were up to me I would choose NFS over Samba and any other similar  
app because:

1) It's idioticly simple to set up
2) Unbelivable performance
3) Accomodates windows, unix and linux (the latter 2 have native suport  
for it; tryed solaris 10, freebsd, openbsd, slackware, fedora, vector, and  
the list can continue; some big problems on xp64; moderate problems on  
4) Less buggy the samba
5) Easyer to configure/maintain

Personally am not so fond of icecast and similar apps because it's so much  
easyer to have 1 app doing all you need. Let me explain here. Wioth NFS I  
mount (in Windows) a share under a letter and set it to automount every  
login. It's so much easyer to have full access to that share as if it were  
a local partition then having 1 app for winamp, another for file sharing,  
another for god-knows what else, and so on. But then again, that's just me  

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