ipfw, pf and ALTQ on outbound traffic? (or: "The net is slow when I upload!")

Jubal Kessler jubal-freebsd-20090321 at cheeze.org
Sun Mar 22 19:00:23 PDT 2009

Morgan Wesström wrote:

> I've put together a documentation, mainly to help myself being
> consistent, but your free to look at my examples there and the reasoning
> behind it. It's in the "Firewall setup" guide but it's rather long since
> I explain in detail every part of the firewall rule set:
>   http://homerouters.info/wiki/Main_Page
> Be aware that I'm not a very good teacher... ;-)

On the contrary, you're an excellent teacher, and I now have a working 
pf configuration handling my NAT duties as well as outbound traffic 
shaping (and handy graphs, too). Thank you very much for the 
well-written guide!


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