Sysinstall cannot find snapshot releases

Jason Nordwick jnordwick at
Sun Mar 22 09:02:15 PDT 2009

I'm a previous FreeBSD user that used to track current and returning  
after a few years. If my memory is correct, the definition of -stable,  
-release, and -current seems to have changed? (but my memory sucks so  
excuse me if I'm wrong).

Can you no longer track -release, but instead -stable is actually more  
advanced at times (more bug fixes and backports)?

So I guess I would like to use -current or -stable and occasionally  
cvsup the tree. I tried downloading the 200902 current and stable  
snapshots, and sysinstall keeps telling me the Main site doesn't have  
them, so I tried 200812 current and that doesn't work either. Is there  
an FTP problem this morning?


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