Hauppauge WinTV USB2 TV tuner on FreeBSD

Lucio Albornoz l.illanes at gmx.de
Thu Mar 19 17:20:53 PDT 2009

Dear list,

	is there anyone in the possession of the `WinTV USB2' USB device having
either experimented or succeeded in using it on any recent version FreeBSD?
Hardware support appears to be rather bleak, even as far as their official
and supported(?) Windows driver goes (apart from the obvious, ie. no `PVR', etc.)
	I haven't yet started an attempt to plug it into my FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE box,
hoping that someone else might've had the displeasure of acquiring this
stranger of sorts (should've read the hardware specifications and whatnot, ...)

Happiness is the greatest good.

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