7.1 64 bit

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Gal Lis wrote:
> I burned another copy, using another ISO whose checksum comes out ok, and it still isn't loading. What else can I be doing wrong? 
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>> Hi Frank,
>>     Thanks for the reply, I see what to compare the checksums to on the site, but I have a Windows machine. Any hints on how to check?
> http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/md5sums/
First  you need to isolate the problem.  As someone else suggested, try 
booting another computer with the disk.  Check BIOS boot order to make 
sure it checks cd drive first.  Try another bootable disk in system.  
I've seen lockups in booting off install disc, but the only situations 
in which a system would fail to attempt to boot off of it is when either 
media or drive is bad.  If all else fails I believe there is a process 
to boot from flash drive and install via that method.

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