Linux Compatability

rasz raszobbi at
Wed Mar 18 09:37:47 PDT 2009

i have 2 distinct questions, and first is, i installed a linux app 
(binaries) and it failed
when run complaining that it needs a "CPU with SSE instuctions enabled".
does anyone know what this is and related too?
i am running 7.2-prerelease i386 with linux_base-fc4. the only setting i 
have is fallback_elf_brand=3 (no osrelease)
has anyone ever come across this?

2nd question, is the freebsd base (usr/src) documented anywhere, as to 
the programs it entirely contains? i thought developers handbook, but 
all i found is description of the directories in usr/src/ (unless i 
missed it elsewhere). besides that, is there any kind of database app in 
the base system no matter how compact/basic? if not, what would be the 
*closest* in ports?

thanks in advance for any info

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