Physical location of cvsup servers

Steve Bertrand steve at
Tue Mar 17 19:31:46 PDT 2009

Charles Howse wrote:
> On Mar 17, 2009, at 8:40 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

>> What do you want to achieve? fastest_cvsup will tell you addressing of
>> the servers. You will have to contact those responsible for the IPs to
>> see where they are located to ensure any form of accuracy regarding
>> geo-location.
> Mainly, it's curiosity.  I know-fer-a-fact I saw a list of physical
> locations back when 4.x was the latest release.  Probably been deleted.
> fastest_cvsup usually tells me #17 is fastest, but it times out a lot, I
> mean A LOT, from here.

Fastest, (in this case) != most reliable.

Can you produce the output of fastest_cvsup, include the top two results
(add #17 if it isn't included), and then provide the output of a
traceroute to #17?

Perhaps you have a faulty asymmetric path to 17...

It is important to know that just because a server may be literally
located at the building across the street, it doesn't mean that you are
guaranteed a path that may not cross the country (and in some
situations, across an ocean) and back.

I don't know where you are located, but generally, I've found cvsup8 to
be extremely quick (in terms of latency) and very reliable for a number
of years.


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