Stop all manner of periodic scripts from running

Steve Bertrand steve at
Tue Mar 17 17:09:43 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,

Taking the questions regarding my routing boxes one step further, I have
strict rules that allow only certain control and management protocols to
communicate on the network.

Although SMTP is denied, I just realized that there are numerous
messages from periodic scripts that are queued up that can't be sent.

Can someone advise how to find out each and every periodic script that
tries to send out email (given a standard install), and/or how to
disable this?

Or, is there a way to completely cripple a FreeBSD machine, so the
system actually realizes that it can not send any email, and everything
it tries to send email will realize this? (preferably a more subtle
approach than simply rm'ing the sendmail binary :)


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