MGA(0): Unable to map BAR 0. Invalid argument (22) / X.Org Server V. 1.5.3, mga_drv V. 1.9.100, 7.1-STABLE

Peter Cornelius pcc at
Mon Mar 16 04:40:59 PDT 2009

Hi Warren,

> The last time I saw that error was on a -CURRENT test system several 
> months ago.  That system is updating now to the latest -CURRENT.  Time 
> will not be available for at least the next few days to try 7.1, but 
> I'll see what I can do.

I know that feeling, so thanks for offering. Please take it easy :)

> The 1.4.9 version of mga may work.  I'd give portdowngrade instructions 
> for it, but the anoncvs server isn't answering.

I did eye that, funny you say so. I found on some repository that 1.4.9 was considerably 'younger' than 1.9.100. I may (might) have a look at it tonight depending on when I may get outta here.

> If you have the option of replacing the Matrox card, better-supported 
> Radeons are available in AGP, PCI, and PCIE versions.

Oh, I had even less success with a radeon in an IBM box but that's admittedly before 7.4 and probably another story. I'll have another dig into my junk box but so far I only got PCI out of it (and the G200 has AGP, dunno if that makes *the* difference though ;-)).

Alright, then,

Thanks a lot, and

All the best,


Peter Cornelius <pcc at> - Karlsruhe DE

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