best archiver? (for music)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Mar 15 02:11:37 PDT 2009

> If you're not an expert you should probably stick with one of the
> --preset modes. E.g. '--preset medium' or '--preset standard'. That will
> give you variable bitrate files with good quality.

lame -h -V 3 is what i use.

> The speakers in telephones are tiny. That's probably a large part of it.
> The codec used to digitize voice signals for current DECT phones, G.726
> [] dates from 1990, so it was limited
> to the technology of that time. Modern codecs like speex probably do a
> better job!

MUCH better. record your voice at 8kHz and then try speex. it's REALLY 

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