Bizarre behaviour of Linux binary under 7.1

Christopher Key cjk32 at
Sat Mar 14 11:09:05 PDT 2009

On Mar 14 2009, Boris Samorodov wrote:

>Please, compare /compat/linux/ directory structures between an
>old and new installation.
>It seems to me that you have /compat/linux/tmp directory at the
>new one. It shouldn't exist.

Thanks Boris,

On the new installation, I do have a /compat/linux/tmp, which I didn't on 
the previous installation, and the removal of which fixed the problem. Do 
you have any idea what might have caused its creation?

The other difference between the two installation is that previously 
/compat was symlinked to /usr/compat, whereas on the new system, the 
contents of /compat is all on my root partition. I guess that this is 
probably not desirable and should be fixed.

 The previous installation was done entirely with sysinstall, including the 
partitioning, but this time I wanted to install straight into a gpt'd 
mirrored drive. I booted into mfsbsd, created partitions and mounted the 
structure under /mnt, then ran sysinstall (and chose /mnt as the install 
target). Perhaps I should have set up various symlinks whilst I was at it. 
Are there likely to be any other similar problems?

Kind Regards,


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