best archiver?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Mar 13 13:01:54 PDT 2009

> 	guys, this is for any compression experts on-list.  my main desktop is nearly
> 	full.  i'm looking for the best means of compressing [mostly] audio files.
> 	mp3, ogg, and .flag.  i cross backup among my servers and would like to have

mp3 is already compressed as ogg

flac is lossless compression, you may convert to mp3 with lame so it'll 
get few times smaller.

lame -h -V 3 is actually higher quality than anyone could hear.

> 	the most reasoned approach to compressing my ~/Music/ files.  is rar/unrar
> 	better that bzip -9?  is there any new/forthcoming archiver on the horizon?

for compressible non-media files, i use grzip (ports/archivers/grzip)
grzip -b8m -m3 usually gives best compression, and always better than 
bzip2 -9, and packs faster

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