best archiver?

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Mar 13 12:15:29 PDT 2009

	guys, this is for any compression experts on-list.  my main desktop is nearly
	full.  i'm looking for the best means of compressing [mostly] audio files.
	mp3, ogg, and .flag.  i cross backup among my servers and would like to have
	the most reasoned approach to compressing my ~/Music/ files.  is rar/unrar
	better that bzip -9?  is there any new/forthcoming archiver on the horizon?

	actually, i am looking to buy/build a dual or quad system with two 1.5TB
	drives.  but need help with that ... if anybody inn the seattle area can come
	over and help me.  for now, i just want to be as sure as possible that my
	files are saved on at least two systems.

	thanks for any insights here.


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