issues in XFCE 4.6

Keith Seyffarth weif at
Fri Mar 13 09:31:11 PDT 2009


Thanks for the quick reply.

> Did you follow the rest of the instructions for xfce 4.6 in UPDATING?
> There are a few ports to deinstall, preferably before upgrading. A
> little problem with that: after having the ports tree updated I could
> not simply "make deinstall" them, as the old port directories were no
> longer present. I could use stg like pkg_delete, but in the end, I
> preferred using pkg_rmleaves and remove the entire xfce4.4 related ports
> (including the libs, mousepad, Thunar and a few add-ons) and just
> installed 4.6 afterwards. It all works fine.

I'll try that and see if it helps. I did pkg_delete the specified
packages (I've never experienced "make deinstall" working. It always
errors that the packages/ports are already installed and can't be
uninstalled, and that I should try make deinstall...

> The following is a list of the xfce related ports (minus some extra
> add-ons) in my system.  Check whether you are missing something:

That looks like the same list I have. thanks for passing it on.


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