Inetd and multiple IP addresses

skx listy at
Thu Mar 12 19:54:21 PDT 2009

I have inetd configured to open a listening port for leafnode 
 nntp stream tcp nowait news /usr/libexec/tcpd /usr/local/sbin/leafnode
but this opens the port on all IP addresses associated with this machine. 
I would like to choose only one. 

I tried stream tcp nowait 
news /usr/libexec/tcpd /usr/local/sbin/leafnode

but it doesn't work

 Mar 11 02:59:21 rewers inetd[89528]: unknown 

What am I doing wrong? Isn't ip:service_name a correct entry? 

FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p1 with custom kernel if that matters. 


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