is there a laptop ?

Doug Poland doug at
Thu Mar 12 09:18:57 PDT 2009

Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Saifi Khan wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> i've looked at tuxmobil, etc and i don't want to use
>> ndiswrapper, or broadcom or additional PCMCIA card at all.
>> Is there a laptop model (available in market) that experienced
>> members would like to recommend wherein  . the WiFi 802.11 a/g (PCI 
>> based)
>>  . Ethernet port  . and ACPI work absolutely fine with FreeBSD 7.x ?
Coming in kinda late on this thread but...  I recently came across a 
Toshiba Satellite L350 (L355D-S7825).  It works quite nicely with 

The only issues are...

    * needed to build ath wireless driver based on some stuff I googled
    * Doesn't recognize on-board bluetooth, modem, or SD card reader.
    * The touchpad surface is flush with palm rest and triggered too easily
    * Display only does 1440x900
    * 2 hour battery life.

     * 7.1-STABLE amd64 runs great!
     * Radeon video works great
     * ath wireless and rl0 work great
     * 2.0GHz AMD dual with 3GB RAM
     * Only $600 from BestBuy
     * 17" display
     * Does Ubuntu 8.10 (amd64) flawlessly, even 64-bit flash

This is no high-end HP or Lenovo, but for $600US, it's not a bad laptop 
for 64-bit FreeBSD.  Never tried ACPI features, I just assume 
suspend/resume will not work and power on/off.  YMMV


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