acroread error with

David Banning david at
Thu Mar 12 07:54:29 PDT 2009

> A first one is simple but it may not give any guarantee that
> the situation will not appear in the future: install those
> ports by hand.
> I'll advice the second one. Write down all linux applications you use
> (i.e. print/acroread8, net/skype, etc.) -- not infrastructure linux
> ports (they should be installed as dependencies). Then pkg_delete
> those applications and linux*, unmount all linux filesystems, "rm -rf
> /compat/linux/*".Then install linux applications and mount linux
> filesystems. HTH

Attempting the first port failed - 

The entire FreeBSD installation was recently done - accomplished
from an older 6.2 ISO - so I decided to do a portupgrade of linux-base.
I was then able to install the missing ports you suggested, and
-presto-, acroread is working fine.

Thanks for your help Boris.

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