Anonymizer tool like Tor?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Mar 12 05:17:16 PDT 2009

Chris Rees wrote:
> 2009/3/12 Gilles <gilles.ganault at>:
>> Hello
>> I'd like to download information from our competitor's web site,
>> without their knowing it's from us.
>> The Tor network works fine, but they don't seem to provide a *nix
>> version, much less a command-line version (the download script will
>> run  on a non-X FreeBSD 6.3 server).
>> Do you know of an alternative for FreeBSD, ie. a solution that will
>> let me connect to a web server through at least one other host, and
>> have the IP address change automatically every few minutes?
>> Thank you.
> Don't you think it's a bad idea to publish your nefarious intentions
> to a PUBLIC mailing list with your name on it? Your 'competitor' will
> see this if all s/he does is do a Google search for your name, which
> would certainly be easier than scouring their httpd logs.
> Chris

It probably is, but you're assuming his competitors know that
he works for their competition, and, for that matter, that
" is his real name, etc., etc.

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