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Thu Mar 12 05:10:16 PDT 2009

Quick question.... Why are you using 6.4 instead of the latest (7.1)?

Keep in mind that gnome2 has a lot of dependencies. That's just the 
nature of gnome2. When you say it didn't finish, did it stop and give 
you an error? When compiling gnome2 on FreeBSD, depending on your 
hardware, it can take quite a while to complete and sometimes it'll take 
up to a few hours to finish.

I recommend you take a look at http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/index.html 
as it will give you a lot of helpful information on installing and 
running gnome2 on FreeBSD.

-- Jacques Manukyan

Mario PNH wrote:
> I really liked the FreeBSD running on my ASUS desktop,
> until I tried to install gnome2 and I was surprised that
> it never finished it, during which it created some 20 and
> more user groups like 'nobody', 'anonymous', 'aiviah', 'games', etc ...
> and I am wondering if that was a normal process.
> # cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome2
> # make install clean
> I have burned the DVD of 6.4 version lately and I don't
> know if that's all I needed to install gnome2 instead of
> using Ports Collection.
> Thanks,
> Mario Palmer
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