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Wed Mar 11 07:02:50 PDT 2009

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 01:20:18AM -0700, prad wrote:
> i've not paid much attention to licensing philosophy i the past,
> because for me it was always windoze vs the goodguys.
> however, recently i've become aware of there being a chasm within the
> goodguys in that the bsd attitude is do what you want as long as you
> give credit to the creator, whereas the gpl folks say do what you want
> as long as you keep it free.
> is this a fair summation?

No, too simple.

The source code is always free under BSD, contrary to what GPL
proponents claim. Just that under BSD you are free to keep ownership of
your own work. To decide how *you* wish to distribute. You may limit the
redistribution of your work which includes BSD components. GPL people
seem to forget the base BSD code is still free, its just that they want
your enhancements too. Its a lesson in how to lie the way they claim
this is somehow "free" and/or "freedom."

GPL states that if you make changes those changes must be made available
under the same terms as the original source code. Yet somehow darlings
of the GPL world such as Red Hat, MySQL, and others, skirt around that
onerous requirement.

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