PAE kernel problem on Dell PowerEdge 2950

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Mar 11 05:56:35 PDT 2009

Olivier Nicole wrote:

> Hi,
>> > > why not simply use /amd64?
>> > You mean he changes the CPU?
>> All CPUs generally shipped from Dell anymore are 64bit capable.  Do you
>> have the original specs (take the service tag, go to dell support ->
>> warranty ->
>> original system config) and paste that.  It gives chip IDs that we can
>> use online to see if it's amd64 capable.
> It seems that amd64 is not only for CPU's manufactured by AMD, but it
> can be used on 64 bits Intels too.
> Well I am just trying and so far it installed.
> But that name amd64 is missleading, to say the least.

Yes - it has been somewhat of a small source of confusion. The reason it had 
the name amd64 attached is it was AMD that first developed the x86-64 
extensions. Intel soon followed suit when it became apparent that their IA64 
architecture was not going to supplant x86. They named their version EMT64. 
FreeBSD simply used the amd64 wrt it's naming scheme to give proper credit 
where due, e.g, to the inventor/originator.


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