PAE kernel problem on Dell PowerEdge 2950

Olivier Nicole on at
Wed Mar 11 01:31:47 PDT 2009


> However, I am going to use 7.1-STABLE on them.
> I see no reason why you should run 6.4 at all though. What's your
> motivation towards thaat angle?
> I suggest you install the 7.1 and update it to -STABLE then see if
> anything changes as regards the CPU (est message), while we wait for
> the magic word from the dedicated developers.

With some delay in the reply: for a production server I try to keep
with the legacy version of FreeBSD. 

And I stick to RELENG, not STABLE, because I want to patch security
bugs, but I most probably does not need all the new bells and whistles
of STABLE: this is a production server, I prefer to modify the machine
as least as possible, unless it is expressely needed by a secuity
issue (I won't apply security patches if they are not pertinent to a
specific server and the services running on that machine).



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