Help required for configuring FreeBSD with DHCP

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Tue Mar 10 06:55:25 PDT 2009

manish jain wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a dual boot system (FreeBSD 7.1 + Windows 2000).
> I am trying out FreeBSD for the first time with an ISP who runs a DHCP
> server. Until the times of static addresses, everything was so simple in
> FreeBSD. Now I am forced to ask for help because the ISP is willing to
> help only for Windows. And indeed my Windows 2000 is sailing the
> internet smoothly enough, so I can't really blame him.
> I am using a Realtek 8139D NIC on an x86 system. When I ask sysinstall
> to configure rl0, it asks me whether I want to use DHCP. When I say yes,
> it still gives me the same form to fill out as it does for static IP
> addresses. I don't have any idea how to fill out this form when DHCP is
> being used.
> Please note that on Windows, the following are enabled :
> 1) Obtain an IP address automatically
> 2) Obtain DNS server address automatically
> Everything else (IP address/Default dateway/etc) is greyed out. Can
> anyone please tell me how to get my FreeBSD system up on DHCP. The only
> other piece of information I can provide is the hostname I have been
> using so far : unxfbsdi.freebsd.localdomain
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Regards
> Manish Jain
> invalid.pointer at

Try placing in /etc/rc.conf with an editor such as vi and reboot:


If you're exceedingly lucky that will get you started.


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