Qt4 applications are missing pixmaps/icons

O. Hartmann ohartman at web.de
Mon Mar 9 04:16:36 PDT 2009

Dear Sirs,

all of my installed Qt4-applications are missing pixmaps/icons for knobs 
and menus - the mouse-sensistive highlighting and literals are working 
finde, but no pixmaps/icons.

Our environment is mostly KDE/Gnome free, so I suspect missing 
pixmap-ports or something from the multimedia repositories. Maybe there 
is simply a missing environment variable, but I do not know and I'm a 
newbie regarding Qt4 and its sibblings.

If someone does have a hint, please feel so free and email me (please be 
so kind a put myself's eMail address on reply, I'm not subscribing this 
list, thank you very much).


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