Apache 1.3.41 | Solved

Tim Kellers timothyk at wallnet.com
Sat Mar 7 09:43:55 PST 2009

Jos Chrispijn wrote:
> Problem solved; we deinstalled everything PHP5 related and built up 
> from scratch.
> I would like to thank everyone that has responded on this thread.
> Jos Chrispijn wrote:
>> For some reason, Apache isn't starting anymore after having my ports 
>> upgraded today. That was a major php5 upgrade and I think it might 
>> have to do something with it.
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I'll add a "me too" to that.

After portupgrading to php5 (and all the -r extentions), yesterday, 
every site I had that used php5 broke.  (I'm using apache 2.0.63).  
After commenting out scads of extentions and juggling the order in 
extension.ini, I gave up, pkg_deleted everything php5 or php5-* and 
rebuilt it all from scratch.  That and a restart of apache restored all 
of my sites.  Most of my sites were squirrelmail. serendipity and moodle 
based, but they are all back, now.  I haven't re-enabled eaccelerator on 
my Moodle, sites, yet, because I know that needs to be rebuilt anytime 
php's version is bumped at all.

I know that one of the conflicts in portupgrading was that the version 
of tidy that docproj uses and the php5 version of tidy won't play nice, 
together, but I suspect there is more to it than that.  I've been 
installing and upgrading php* for years and this was the most trouble 
I've ever had with an upgrade.

All of the systems are 7.1 -STABLE builds, 3 are i386 and 2 are AMD64; 
they've all been built from sources within the past week.  I didn't see 
any caveats in /usr/ports/UPDATING about this upgrade.


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