PHP5-extensions Setup

Jos Chrispijn jos at
Sat Mar 7 02:13:54 PST 2009

I had some related issues to this with Apache 1.3.41. What I noticed 
allready for quite some time is this:

If I want to add an extension to my php5 allready installed ones, I go to

make config

and add an extention to be added later.

But the other way around doesn't work; to deactivate one should think to 
run the same 'make config' and delete the X that indicates the extension 
is active, thus making it inactive. After quiting setup there would be 
an update (uninstall of the unchecked extension) and that would be it. 
In present situation, nothing happens though.
Do I overlook something here? What would be the right procedure if I 
uncheck an extension from the setup parameter screen in order to 
physically delete all deactivated extension's related links and programs 
and update the /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini file?


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