Status field STATE in top(1) interactive mode

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Mar 6 22:44:44 PST 2009

Hi list,

in order to find out why Opera often keeps hanging (doing nothing),
often for several minutes, I checked its top(1) output.

Reading "man top", I found the following explaination:

	[...] STATE is the current state (one of "START", "RUN"
	(shown as "CPUn" on SMP systems), "SLEEP", "STOP", "ZOMB",
	"WAIT", "LOCK"  or  the  event  on  which  the  process
	waits) [...]

When Opera just hangs(TM) :-), it is in one of the states "ucond"
or "umtxn" - and sucking up to 100% WCPU.

Here is my question: Is there an explainative list that gives a
clue about what this state indicates? Where are these "event[s]
on which the process waits" documented?

When I could guess, then I'd say that "ucond" means "unconditioned",
"in no condition" (which would be a very strage state - the absense
of any state), and "umtxn"... um... USB mass storage transmit number?
No idea.

Other states that I see have a more descriptive name, such as "pause",
"select" or "getblk" and even "kqread".

Setting: I have opera-9.63.20081215_1 on OS 7-STABE from August 2008.

Thank you!

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