One USB drive boots, the other doesn't...

Mike L jackoroses at
Fri Mar 6 18:39:26 PST 2009

from what I understand it's widely known there is not a standard for
implementing USB bios boot.

I can take a flash drive make it bootable with grub4dos and my board will
not see it.
Take that same drive implement normal grub or syslinux and my board will now
boot that flash drive. Take that bootable flash drive put it in another
board and that board won't boot it unless you change the boot option to USB
floppy... It could just be the board doesn't like the new drive you are
using now.
I could be wrong on all this but that is how I understand it as of now..
You might be able to make a work around by booting to a dos environment and
load USB drivers.
That is unfamiliar territory to me and probably not a work around you wish
to use.

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On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Peter Steele <psteele at> wrote:

> >Shot in the dark but are they by any chance U3 devices?
> >
> >
> There is no indication of that. They mount fine and can be formatted as UFS
> and have files copied to them. They are just basic 4GB USB flash drives, on
> sale at our local Frys. HP brand (but I don't know if someone else is the
> OEM)...
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